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Greetings and God bless you for dropping by our little home on the web; this site is a 'FREE ZONE"
That is, it means free access, free information and free to copy and use any way one wishes that our Eternal Father would find acceptable.  This site has a heavy Roman Catholic theme which involves every part of the Catholic Church and its members.   We will make every attempt to make this a very complete web site that anyone can use to to help get through each day while bringing glory to God while making every attempt to release many souls from purgatory, that's right, there's that word, "PURGATORY" haven't heard that one in a while have you? but it will be talked about quite a bit here since it is a reality whether any one wants to believe it or not.  Just like not believing in God doesn't mean He doesn't exist and by the time we finish this site we will have proven His existance as well.  In fact we will prove a lot of things I bet most people never knew before coming to this site.  So bookmark this site into your favorites because there will be too much to see, read and learn in just a few visits.  Come back often and stay as long as you like, this will be a whole family acceptable web site complete with child oriented areas included.  So sit back, relax and thumb through what we have done so far and keep coming back to pick up where we left off as we build away.  Once agan be careful of the construction equipment while visiting until we are done building this wonderful site.  Once again, welcome and may God Bless you!

The web site is up in a very limited fashion and nowhere near complete and is being worked on while it is being visited but please feel free to pop in and look around at the work we are doing.  Check out the links to the left and see what is published so far.  The site will be very plain and easy to navigate with as little flare as possible, there will be links to movies, videos and other information that will be either imbedded here or linked off to another approved site from here.  So what you see now may be changed or found some where else on the site on your next visit until everything gets settled in.  So come on in, have a look around and once again, please watch out for the dust and web tools as our site builders complete their tasks, thank you.Genuine Catholic Web
Check the links on the left for your topic of interest and see if the information you are looking for is there.We will work on filling in on the missing information daily until it is done, if you need it quick
email us and we will try to do all we can to research your question and see if we can't find out the information for you. The Langford - Bailly Research Group will do all it can always to answer the questions of original and traditional Roman - Catholic Faith.  Nothing in our lives or the existence of the Angelsis more important than the correct worship of our creator, Lord Eternal Father, His only beloved Sonand our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ and The mighty and powerful Lord Holy Spirit.



The purpose of this web site is the salvation of souls and the listing of prayers and true Heavenly Prophecy
as being given to God's Catholic Seer and modern day Prophet who is kept anonymous for her own security.

The Prophecy page is just now being created and when done will be added to almost daily, so check back often!

Please come in and have a look around while we build the new site.
Please watch for sawdust on the floor and tools laying about while you visit
our crews work at all hours.
Enjoy the preview of what is to be and sorry for the lack of content while construction continues. 
So while the site is nowhere near complete and many pages are still empty please check out what's here while the rest is being created.
News will be updated daily so be sure to check back everyday after our

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This news ticker will soon list all the latest news concerning Catholic life and Catholic news and happenings…..  Check back soon for a completed web site and news ticker…..  Links will be on the left and will include about 25 pages to start…..  We hope to have original articles by some very wonderful local Priests and servants of God to bring us some very applicable thoughts and remedies for living a Catholic life in this time of existence…..  We can do it, if we ask each and every day through our prayers and daily Rosaries, Heaven will be with us as we help bring many souls out of Purgatory and into the full service of our Lord as a renewed bright soul…..  Everyone stop sometime today and say three an "Our Father, Hail Mary's and a Glory be" for every loved friend and family member that has passed over the veil before us, and even especially for those who have no one to pray for them…..Amen!.......Actor Stephan Baldwin has once again returned to his roots of Catholicism and has set out to convert Hollywood, we say "go man go".  Stephan has reported a real drop in pay and is left owing a bit of a tab in the Hollywood world but people are coming to his rescue and helping to bail him out of dept so he can continue to teach the Hollywood about another world that truly is forever........

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Spokane, WA and North Idaho, USA

One of the purposes of prayer is to help release souls from purgatory into Heaven where they can worship God forever.  While the souls in purgatory can do little if anything to reduce their time we however can do much for them through prayer and in turn they can even do much for us.  They can pray for us and their prayers do reach Heaven and are heard.   So please make some time to take some time and join with us and pray for friends, family and all souls in purgatory, especially for those who have no one else left alive to remember them and offer up any prayers at all.  Imagine yourself in purgatory and having the availability to be prayed for but not having anyone to do so, with that in mind grab your Rosary and say one for them.  Say an Our Father an Act Of Contrition and three Hail Mary's and a Glory be for your loved ones and others as well as visiting our Poor Souls pages where dozens of prayers are just waiting to be recited for the good of many, so click on the Poor Souls links and make the sign of the cross and start to recite as many prayers as your heart can handle.  May God bless you and the whole world.

Recite St. Gertrude's wonderful Prayer as part of your daily prayers.
It pleases the Lord greatly to spend at least a half hour a day reading the Holy Scriptures and we find once you pick up the Bible, it's hard to put it down.  If you don't have one email us and we will see if we can provide one for you.

Please, always Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the Catholic Church and all Priests, Bishops and Cardinals who need our Prayers badly to continue on their path of teaching us to be Holy disciples of Christ.  Our Holy men are under constant attack by mankind, apposing religious figures as well as Satan and his demons who want nothing more than to see them and us fail in our quest to remain dedicated Holy Disciples in graceful service of our Lord.  Pray often and Pray ardently, recite the Rosary in their honor and help them in all their endeavors to keep all honor and Glory to our Eternal Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.  Volunteer a little time to you local Church, we have already proven "a little help goes a long way".

Defend Innocent Life!
Life begins with a Soul from the splitting of a cell. 
Why is it so many people will believe so many odd-ball conspiracies,
but not that God is real and has all the answers!

Birth Control = Abstinence! 
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All of us here at Genuine Catholic support the original Latin Mass as it was before the infiltration of the Catholic Church.  St. Frances Xavier Catholic Church in the Spokane diocese celebrated the extraordinary form of the Mass every week and we ask all who can to join us at the 10:30 am Mass to be there, we will welcome you warmly and make room for you and all who join with you.  God Bless you all!
We are supporters of bringing back the original Latin Mass with all its blessings and graces to all the Catholic Churches throughout the world as performed before Vatican II.  Please speak to your Priest and diocese about bring back the original Latin Mass in your Church!