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Traditional Calendar (1954):

"    Jan 1st Feast of the Circumcision of Jesus
"    Jan 2nd Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus; Octave Day of St. Stephen Protomartyr
"    Jan 3rd Octave Day of St. John
"    Jan 4th Octave Day of the Holy Innocents
"    Jan 5th Vigil of the Epiphany; Com. of St. Telesphorus
"    Jan 6th The Epiphany of Our Lord
"    Jan 7th Within the Octave of the Epiphany
"    Jan 8th Within the Octave of the Epiphany
"    Jan 9th Within the Octave of the Epiphany
"    Jan 10th Within the Octave of the Epiphany
"    Jan 11th Within the Octave of the Epiphany; Com. of St. Hyginus
"    Jan 12th Within the Octave of the Epiphany
"    Jan 13th Octave Day of the Epiphany
"    Jan 14th St. Hilary of Poitiers; Com. of St. Felix of Nola
"    Jan 15th St. Paul the first Hermit; Com. of St. Maurus
"    Jan 16th St. Marcellus I
"    Jan 17th St. Anthony of Egypt
"    Jan 18th St. Peter's Chair at Rome; Com. of Sts. Paul and Prisca
"    Jan 19th Sts. Marius, Martha, Audifax, and Abachum; Com. of St Canute
"    Jan 20th St. Fabian; St. Sebastian
"    Jan 21st St. Agnes
"    Jan 22nd Sts. Vincent and Anastasius
"    Jan 23rd St. Raymond of Peñafort; Com. of St. Emerentiana; Betrothal of the Virgin Mary with St. Joseph (Mass in Some Places); St. Ildephonsus (Mass in Some Places)
"    Jan 24th St. Timothy
"    Jan 25th Conversion of St. Paul
"    Jan 26th St. Polycarp
"    Jan 27th St. John Chrysostom
"    Jan 28th St. Peter Nolasco; Com. of St. Agnes
"    Jan 29th St. Francis De Sales
"    Jan 30th St. Martina
"    Jan 31st St. John Bosco
Sunday in the Octave of the Epiphany: The most holy Family of Jesus, Mary, Joseph - Greater Double
"    Feb 1st St. Ignatius of Antioch
"    Feb 2nd Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary
"    Feb 3rd St. Blase
"    Feb 4th St. Andrew Corsini
"    Feb 5th St. Agatha
"    Feb 6th St. Titus; Com. of St. Dorothy
"    Feb 7th St. Romuald
"    Feb 8th St. John of Matha
"    Feb 9th St. Cyril of Alexandria; Com. of St. Apollonia
"    Feb 10th St. Scholastica
"    Feb 11th Apparition of Our Lady at Lourdes
"    Feb 12th Seven Founders of the Servite Order
"    Feb 13th Feria
"    Feb 14th St. Valentine
"    Feb 15th Sts. Faustinus and Jovita
"    Feb 16th Feria
"    Feb 17th Feria; Flight into Egypt (Mass in Some Places)
"    Feb 18th St. Simeon
"    Feb 19th Feria
"    Feb 20th Feria
"    Feb 21st Feria
"    Feb 22nd Saint Peter's Chair at Antioch; Com. of St. Paul
"    Feb 23rd St. Peter Damian; Com. of the Vigil of St. Matthias
"    Feb 24th St. Matthias
"    Feb 25th Feria
"    Feb 26th Feria; St. Margaret of Cortona (Mass in Some Places)
"    Feb 27th St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows
"    Feb 28th Feria
Note: In leap year, the Vigil of St. Matthias is kept on February 24, and any Feasts usually occurring from February 24 through 28 are kept one day later.
"    Mar 1st Feria
"    Mar 2nd Feria
"    Mar 3rd Feria
"    Mar 4th St. Casimir of Poland; Com. of Saint Lucius I
"    Mar 5th Feria
"    Mar 6th Sts. Perpetua and Felicity
"    Mar 7th St. Thomas Aquinas
"    Mar 8th St. John of God
"    Mar 9th St. Frances of Rome
"    Mar 10th The Forty Holy Martyrs of Sebaste
"    Mar 11th Feria
"    Mar 12th St. Gregory the Great, pope and doctor
"    Mar 13th Feria
"    Mar 14th Feria
"    Mar 15th Feria
"    Mar 16th Feria
"    Mar 17th St. Patrick of Ireland
"    Mar 18th St. Cyril of Jerusalem
"    Mar 19th St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary
"    Mar 20th Feria
"    Mar 21st St. Benedict
"    Mar 22nd Feria; St. Catherine of Genoa (Mass in Some Places)
"    Mar 23rd Feria
"    Mar 24th St. Gabriel the Archangel
"    Mar 25th The Solemnity of the Annunciation
"    Mar 26th Feria
"    Mar 27th St. John Damascene
"    Mar 28th St. John of Capistrano
"    Mar 29th Feria
"    Mar 30th Feria
"    Mar 31st Feria
Friday after Passion Sunday: Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Greater Double
"    Apr 1st Feria
"    Apr 2nd St. Francis of Paola
"    Apr 3rd Feria
"    Apr 4th St. Isidore of Seville
"    Apr 5th St. Vincent Ferrer
"    Apr 6th Feria
"    Apr 7th Feria
"    Apr 8th Feria
"    Apr 9th Feria
"    Apr 10th Feria
"    Apr 11th St. Leo the Great
"    Apr 12th Feria
"    Apr 13th St. Hermenegild
"    Apr 14th St. Justin; Com. of Sts. Tiburtius, Valerian, and Maximus
"    Apr 15th Feria
"    Apr 16th Feria; St. Benedict Joseph Labre (Mass in Some Places)
"    Apr 17th St. Anicetus
"    Apr 18th Feria
"    Apr 19th Feria
"    Apr 20th Feria
"    Apr 21st St. Anselm
"    Apr 22nd Sts. Soter and Caius
"    Apr 23rd St. George
"    Apr 24th St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen
"    Apr 25th St. Mark the Evangelist
"    Apr 26th Sts. Cletus and Marcellinus; Our Lady of Good Counsel (Mass in Some Places)
"    Apr 27th St. Peter Canisius
"    Apr 28th St. Paul of the Cross; Com. of St. Vitalis
"    Apr 29th St. Peter of Verona
"    Apr 30th St. Catherine of Siena
Wednesday after the II Sunday after Easter: Solemnity of St. Joseph, C - Double of the I Class
Wednesday after the III Sunday after Easter: Octave Day of St. Joseph, C - Greater Double
"    May 1st St. Joseph, the Worker
"    May 2nd St. Athanasius
"    May 3rd Finding of the Holy Cross; Com. of St. Alexander I, Sts. Eventius and Theodulus, and St. Juvenal
"    May 4th St. Monica
"    May 5th St. Pius V
"    May 6th St. John before the Latin Gate
"    May 7th St. Stanislaus
"    May 8th Apparition of St. Michael the Archangel
"    May 9th St. Gregory Nazianzen
"    May 10th St. Antoninus; Com. of Sts. Gordian and Epimachus
"    May 11th Sts. Philip and James
"    May 12th Sts. Nereus, Achilleus, Domitilla and Pancras
"    May 13th St. Robert Bellarmine
"    May 14th St. Boniface, Martyr
"    May 15th St. John Baptist de la Salle; St. Isidore the Farmer (Mass in Some Places)
"    May 16th St. Ubaldus; St. John Nepomucene (Mass in Some Places)
"    May 17th St. Pascal Baylon
"    May 18th St. Venantius of Camerino
"    May 19th St. Peter Celestine; Com. of St. Pudentiana
"    May 20th St. Bernardine of Siena
"    May 21st Feria
"    May 22nd St. Rita of Cascia (Mass in Some Places)
"    May 23rd Feria; St. John Baptist de Rossi (Mass in Some Places)
"    May 24th Feria; Our Lady Help of Christians (Mass in Some Places)
"    May 25th St. Gregory VII; Com. of St. Urban I
"    May 26th St. Phillip Neri; Com. of St. Eleutherius
"    May 27th St. Bede the Venerable; Com. of Saint John I
"    May 28th St. Augustine of Canterbury
"    May 29th St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi
"    May 30th St. Felix I; St. Ferdinand III (Mass in Some Places); St. Joan of Arc (Mass in Some Places)
"    May 31st Queenship of Mary; Our Lady Queen of All Saints and Mother of Fair Love (Mass in Some Places); Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces (Mass in Some Places)
"    June 1st St. Angela Merici
"    June 2nd Sts. Marcellinus and Peter; St. Erasmus
"    June 3rd Feria
"    June 4th St. Francis Caracciolo
"    June 5th St. Boniface, Bishop and Martyr

"    June 6th St. Norbert
"    June 7th Feria
"    June 8th Feria
"    June 9th Sts. Primus and Felician; Our Lady Mother of Grace (Mass in Some Places)
"    June 10th St. Margaret
"    June 11th St. Barnabas
"    June 12th St. John of San Facondo; Com. of Sts. Basilides, Cyrinus, Nabor, and Nazarius
"    June 13th St. Anthony of Padua
"    June 14th St. Basil the Great
"    June 15th Sts. Vitus, Modestus, and Crescentia
"    June 16th Feria; St. John Francis Regis (Mass in Some Places)
"    June 17th Feria
"    June 18th St. Ephrem; Com. of Sts. Mark and Marcellianus
"    June 19th St. Juliana Falconieri; Com. of Sts. Gervase and Protase
"    June 20th St. Silverius
"    June 21st St. Aloysius Gonzaga
"    June 22nd St. Paulinus
"    June 23rd Vigil of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist
"    June 24th Nativity of St. John the Baptist
"    June 25th St. William; Com. of Octave of St. John the Baptist
"    June 26th Sts. John and Paul; Com. of Octave of St. John the Baptist
"    June 27th Within the Octave of St. John the Baptist; Our Lady of Prompt Succor (Mass in Some Places)
"    June 28th St. Irenaeus of Lyons; Com. of Octave of St. John the Baptist and Vigil of Sts. Peter and Paul
"    June 29th Sts. Peter and Paul
"    June 30th Commemoration of Saint Paul; Com. of Saint Peter and of Octave of Saint John the Baptist
"    July 1st The Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ
"    July 2nd Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Com. of Ss Processus and Martinian
"    July 3rd St. Leo II; Commemoration of Octave of Sts. Peter and Paul; All Holy Popes (Mass in Some Places)
"    July 4th Within the Octave of Sts. Peter and Paul
"    July 5th St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria; Commemoration of Octave of Sts. Peter and Paul
"    July 6th Octave Day of Ss Peter and Paul
"    July 7th Sts. Cyril and Methodius; St. Lawrence of Brindisi (Mass in Some Places)
"    July 8th St. Elizabeth
"    July 9th Feria; St. Veronica of Giuliani (Mass in Some Places)
"    July 10th Seven Holy Brothers; Sts. Rufina and Secunda
"    July 11th St. Pius I
"    July 12th St. John Gualbert; Com. of Sts. Nabor and Felix
"    July 13th St. Anacletus
"    July 14th St. Bonaventure
"    July 15th St. Henry II
"    July 16th Our Lady of Mount Carmel
"    July 17th St. Alexius; Humility of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Mass in Some Places)
"    July 18th St. Camillus of Lellis; Commemoration of Sts. Symphorosa and Companions
"    July 19th St. Vincent de Paul
"    July 20th St. Jerome Emiliani; Com. of St. Margaret
"    July 21st St. Praxedes
"    July 22nd St. Mary Magdalene
"    July 23rd St. Apollinaris; Com. of St. Liborius
"    July 24th Vigil of St. James the Greater; Com. of St. Christina
"    July 25th St. James the Greater; Com. of St. Christopher
"    July 26th St. Anne
"    July 27th St. Pantaleon
"    July 28th Sts. Nazarius and Celsus; St. Victor I; St. Innocentius I
"    July 29th St. Martha; Com. of Sts. Felix II and Companions
"    July 30th Sts. Abdon and Sennen
"    July 31st St. Ignatius of Loyola
"    Aug 1st St. Peter's Chains; Com. of St. Paul and the Holy Machabees
"    Aug 2nd St. Alphonsus Liguori; Com. of Saint Stephen I
"    Aug 3rd Finding of St. Stephen
"    Aug 4th St. Dominic
"    Aug 5th Dedication of St. Mary Major (Our Lady of the Snows)
"    Aug 6th Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ; Com. of Sts. Xystus II, Felicissimus, and Agapitus
"    Aug 7th St. Cajetan; Com. of St. Donatus
"    Aug 8th Sts. Cyriacus, Largus, and Smaragdus
"    Aug 9th St. John Vianney; Com. of the Vigil of Saint Laurence and St. Romanus; St. Emygdius (Mass in Some Places)
"    Aug 10th St. Lawrence
"    Aug 11th Sts. Tiburtius and Susanna; St. Philomena (Mass in Some Places)
"    Aug 12th St. Clare of Assisi
"    Aug 13th Sts. Hippolytus and Cassian; Our Lady Refuge of Sinners (Mass in Some Places); St. John Berchmans (Mass in Some Places)
"    Aug 14th Vigil of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
"    Aug 15th Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
"    Aug 16th St. Joachim; St. Roch (Mass in Some Places)
"    Aug 17th St. Hyacintha of Mariscotti; Com. of Octave of the Assumption and Octave Day of Saint Laurance
"    Aug 18th Within the Octave of the Assumption; Com. of St. Agapitus; Empress Helena (Mass in Some Places)
"    Aug 19th St. John Eudes; Com. of Octave of the Assumption
"    Aug 20th St. Bernard of Clairvaux; Com. of Octave of the Assumption
"    Aug 21st St. Jane Frances de Chantal; Com. of Octave of the Assumption
"    Aug 22nd Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Com. of Sts. Timothy, Hippolytus and Symphorian
"    Aug 23rd St. Philip Benizi; Com. of the Vigil of St. Bartholomew
"    Aug 24th St. Bartholomew
"    Aug 25th St. Louis IX
"    Aug 26th St. Zephyrinus
"    Aug 27th St. Joseph Calasanctius
"    Aug 28th St. Augustine of Hippo; Com. of Saint Hermes
"    Aug 29th Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist; Com. of Saint Sabina
"    Aug 30th St. Rose of Lima; Com. of Sts. Felix and Adauctus
"    Aug 31st St. Raymond Nonnatus
"    Sep 1st St. Giles; Com. of Holy Twelve Brothers
"    Sep 2nd St. Stephen, King of Hungary
"    Sep 3rd St. Pius X
"    Sep 4th Feria; St. Rose of Viterbo (Mass in Some Places)
"    Sep 5th St. Laurence Justinian
"    Sep 6th Feria
"    Sep 7th Feria
"    Sep 8th Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
"    Sep 9th St. Gorgonius; St. Peter Claver
"    Sep 10th St. Nicholas of Tolentino
"    Sep 11th Sts. Protus and Hyacinth
"    Sep 12th Holy Name of Mary
"    Sep 13th Feria
"    Sep 14th Exaltation of the Holy Cross
"    Sep 15th Our Lady of Sorrows; Com. of St. Nicomedes
"    Sep 16th Sts. Cornelius and Cyprian; Com. of Ss Euphemia, Lucy, and Geminianus
"    Sep 17th Holy Stigmata of Saint Francis
"    Sep 18th St. Joseph of Cupertino
"    Sep 19th St. Januarius
"    Sep 20th St. Eustace and Companions; Com. of Vigil of St. Matthew
"    Sep 21st St. Matthew
"    Sep 22nd St. Thomas of Villanova; Com. of Sts. Maurice and Companions
"    Sep 23rd St. Linus; Com. of St. Thecla
"    Sep 24th Our Lady of Ransom
"    Sep 25th Feria
"    Sep 26th Sts. Cyprian and Justina
"    Sep 27th Sts. Cosmas and Damian
"    Sep 28th St. Wenceslaus
"    Sep 29th Dedication of Saint Michael the Archangel
"    Sep 30th St. Jerome
"    Oct 1st St. Remigius; St. Gregory the Immuninator (Mass in Some Places)
"    Oct 2nd Holy Guardian Angels
"    Oct 3rd St. Therese of Lisieux
"    Oct 4th St. Francis of Assisi
"    Oct 5th St. Placid and Companions
"    Oct 6th St. Bruno
"    Oct 7th Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Com. of St. Mark, Sts. Sergius and Bacchus, Sts. Marcellus and Apuleius
"    Oct 8th St Bridget of Sweden
"    Oct 9th St. Denis
"    Oct 10th St. Francis Borgia
"    Oct 11th The Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
"    Oct 12th Feria
"    Oct 13th St. Edward, King of England
"    Oct 14th St. Callistus I
"    Oct 15th St. Teresa of Avila
"    Oct 16th St. Hedwig; Purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Mass in Some Places)
"    Oct 17th St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
"    Oct 18th St. Luke the Evangelist
"    Oct 19th St. Peter of Alcantara
"    Oct 20th St. John of Kanty
"    Oct 21st St. Hilarion; Com. of St. Ursula and Companions
"    Oct 22nd Feria
"    Oct 23rd Feria; Feast of the Holy Redeemer (Mass in Some Places)
"    Oct 24th St. Raphael the Archangel
"    Oct 25th Sts. Chrysanthus and Daria
"    Oct 26th St. Evaristus
"    Oct 27th Vigil of Sts. Simon and Jude
"    Oct 28th Sts. Jude and Simon
"    Oct 29th Feria
"    Oct 30th Feria
"    Oct 31st Vigil of All Saints
"    Nov. 1st All Saints
"    Nov. 2nd Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed (All Souls)
"    Nov. 3rd Within the Octave of All Saints
"    Nov. 4th St. Charles Borromeo; Com. of Octave of All Saints and Sts. Vitalis and Agricola
"    Nov. 5th Within the Octave of All Saint; The Sacred Relics (Mass in Some Places)
"    Nov. 6th Within the Octave of All Saints
"    Nov. 7th Within the Octave of All Saints
"    Nov. 8th Octave Day of All Saints; Com. of the Holy Four Crowned Martyrs
"    Nov. 9th Dedication of the Basilica of St. Saviour, Com. of St. Theodore
"    Nov. 10th St. Andrew Avellino, Theatine, Com. of Sts. Tryphon, Respicius, and Nympha
"    Nov. 11th St. Martin of Tours; Com. of St. Mennas
"    Nov. 12th St. Martin I
"    Nov. 13th Saint Didacus; St. Stanislaus Kostka
"    Nov .14th St. Josephat
"    Nov. 15th St. Albert the Great
"    Nov. 16th St. Gertrude the Great
"    Nov. 17th St. Gregory Thaumaturgus
"    Nov. 18th Dedication of the Basilicas of Sts. Peter and Paul
"    Nov. 19th St. Elisabeth of Hungary; Com. of St. Pontianus
"    Nov. 20th St. Felix of Valois
"    Nov. 21th Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
"    Nov. 22th St. Cecilia
"    Nov. 23th St. Clement; Com. of St. Felicitas
"    Nov. 24th St. John of the Cross; Com. St. Chrysogonus
"    Nov. 25th St. Catherine of Alexandria
"    Nov. 26th Saint Sylvester; Com. of St. Peter of Alexandria; St. Leonard of Port Maurice (Mass in Some Places)
"    Nov. 27th Feria; Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (Mass in Some Places)
"    Nov. 28th Feria
"    Nov. 29th Vigil of St. Andrew; Com. of St. Saturninus
"    Nov. 30th St. Andrew
"    Dec. 1st Feria
"    Dec. 2nd St. Bibiana
"    Dec. 3rd St. Francis Xavier
"    Dec. 4th St. Peter Chrysologus; Com of St. Barbara
"    Dec. 5th Com. of St. Sabbas
"    Dec. 6th St. Nicholas of Myra
"    Dec. 7th St. Ambrose; Com. of the Vigil of the Immaculate Conception
"    Dec. 8th Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
"    Dec. 9th Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception
"    Dec. 10th Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception; St. Melchiades; Holy House of Loreta (Mass in Some Places)
"    Dec. 11th St. Damasus I; Com. of the Octave of the Immaculate Conception
"    Dec. 12th Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception
"    Dec. 13th St. Lucy; Com of the Octave of the Immaculate Conception
"    Dec. 14th Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception
"    Dec. 15th Octave Day of the Immaculate Conception
"    Dec. 16th St. Eusebius
"    Dec. 17th Feria
"    Dec. 18th Feria; Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Mass in Some Places)
"    Dec. 19th Feria
"    Dec. 20th Vigil of St. Thomas the Apostle
"    Dec. 21st St. Thomas the Apostle
"    Dec. 22nd Feria
"    Dec. 23rd Feria
"    Dec. 24th Vigil of the Nativity of Our Lord
"    Dec. 25th Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ
"    Dec 26th St. Stephen the First Martyr; Com. of the Octave of the Nativity
"    Dec 27th St. John the Apostle; Com. of the Octave of the Nativity
"    Dec. 28th Holy Innocents; Com. of the Octave of the Nativity
"    Dec. 29th St. Thomas Becket
"    Dec. 30th Within the Octave of the Nativity
"    Dec. 31st St. Sylvester I; Com. of the Octave of the Nativity

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